Certified Kampot pepper

The world-renowned taste of our Kampot pepper


The best pepper in the world comes from Kampot province in Cambodia, as certified by its PGI status. What affects the quality and taste of Kampot pepper?

Lovingly collected

Manually controlled

100% natural




Each colour of pepper originates from the same plant, picked at different stages of maturity. Black pepper is picked by the twig when immature and green; single red peppercorns are picked once red.


Common pepper traverses the world for months, crossing many hands, and in substandard conditions - not properly sealed, weathering, becoming stale, leaving you with an empty, tasteless ball.

With our farmers, we vacuum-seal the Kampot pepper immediately after harvest and ship it to Europe, where it is packed just before sale guaranteeing that the freshest pepper reaches your hands, direct from the plantation.


We strictly follow the Book of Specifications - the official document that declares which Kampot peppercorns can leave Cambodia. Farmers harvest the pepper traditionally by hand and with tweezers, so that when it arrives to Europe it is about 99.6% pure. In Europe, we re-inspect it on a state-of-the-art machine using Bühler Sortex optical mechanics, catching the last blades of grass and refining the pepper to 100%. We know of no other company that has such a precise, multi-inspection process.


The only peppercorns you get from us are about 4 mm in size, very firm, full of flavour, rich in colour, juicy and very aromatic. Kampot pepper grows in the south of Cambodia in a very rare climate and rich soil, where the plants have plenty of nutrients and everything is strictly natural. Its exceptional quality also brings health benefits - thanks to its piperine content, it speeds up metabolism, circulates mucous membranes, detoxifies, helps with pain, poor breathing and even works as an aphrodisiac! Thanks to the fact that you get only 100% pepper, it is gluten-free.


The colour of the pepper is influenced by the stage of ripeness during harvest and the process of its subsequent processing.



The unripe green pepper that is collected at the beginning of the year and after drying turns black in the sun. Black pepper from Kampot surprises not only with its deliciously intense flavour but also with unexpected undertones of camphor, complemented by mint, thyme and eucalyptus. The sun-dried black peppercorns are ideal for dark meats and steaks, they are suitable for sauces, and thanks to the hint of citrus after crushing they are a great addition to Italian pasta.



The long wait for the peppercorn to ripen into a red fruit produces a sweet Kampot pepper full of fructose which, when chewed in the mouth, develops into flavours of berries, apples, roses and rose hips. This makes it the king of sweetness - perfect for salads, fish, seafood and desserts, Christmas baking or cocktails. It‘s also fantastic for grilling, vegetable soups, risottos. The extremely sweet variant is an exclusive selection of the ripest balls you will find in our dark red Kampot pepper, which has been awarded 2 Great Taste stars. Attention! Not to be confused with Brazilian pink peppercorn, which is not a pepper!



The champagne of peppers is nothing like the white pepper you know. Typical white pepper in most shops is peeled from unripe black peppercorns and becomes stale, which is why it‘s unremarkable. True white pepper is the core of ripe red pepper, exposed after careful peeling, which is why it is sought by the world‘s best chefs- it opens the taste buds and multiplies the flavours in food. It‘s great for grilling with dark meats, ground with cheeses, paired with wine and tapas. It‘s great in vegetable soups, gnocchi, pesto, anything with potatoes, pasta, homemade pastries, Asian cuisine or spreads.




A one-of-a-kind product developed in-house - freeze dried fresh green salted Kampot pepper. The special freeze-drying process preserves the maximum possible flavour and quality from fresh green pepper. When combined with liquid or oil, the bead reabsorbs moisture and regains its fresh taste. Perfect for steaks, sauces, in pasta, but also for baking and desserts. Our freeze-dried Kampot pepper was awarded the highest gastronomic award in the world in 2021- three GREAT TASTE stars.


A rare edition of fermented fresh pepper with salt flower, prepared for us by the KPPA President‘s family from a selection of the finest balls. Soft, mild, fresh green pepper for immediate consumption has a unique aroma and pairs perfectly not only with meat, but also in sauces or pesto, or for sprinkling on any dish as a final touch!


Fresh green Kampot pepper in salt brine - a juicy ball, that will create a pepper explosion in your mouth! Along with freeze-dried pepper, this is a very intense variant of fresh pepper that is suitable for sauces, meat, salads, omelettes, pasta, soups, cheese or anything you love with fresh pepper! Don‘t put fresh peppercorns in a grinder, use whole or crushed in a mortar.